Save the date: Green Tacoma Day September 26, 2009

Green Tacoma Day 2008Discover Tacoma’s Natural Treasures at the 2nd annual Green Tacoma Day to be held on September 26th in conjunction with National Public Lands Day.
–  Join thousands of other Americans across the country celebrating National Public Lands Day.
–  Help protect and restore your favorite local park, gulch, shoreline and garden.
–  Learn more about your favorite recreation destination from experienced Habitat Stewards.
–  Discover something new by taking a walking, hiking, or bike tour of Tacoma’s Natural Areas.

More information to come at

2 Replies to “Save the date: Green Tacoma Day September 26, 2009”

  1. How can we find out which areas are going to be restored and all that? Are we going to plant native plants, and tear out unsustainable sprinkler systems too? How “green” is this day going to be?

    1. Hello, thanks for your comment!

      There will be a variety of projects available to work on at Green Tacoma Day this year, including native area restoration, p-patches, and bicycle tours, I believe. Check soon for more details to come.

      – The Green Cities Team

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