3 Million Native Trees

Million Trees Program We wanted to share with you another great urban forest restoration effort from across the globe:  South Australia’s Million Trees Program has a goal of planting 3 million native trees, and their associated understory across Adelaide’s metropolitan area by 2014. They are also conducting restoration, supporting community re-vegetation efforts, and educating the public. The program aims to ensure “Adelaide’s future as a modern ‘green’ city with an enviable reputation for the quality of its urban environment.” Also, to have the public “actively supporting their native plants, animals and ecosystems to survive, evolve, and adapt to environmental change.”

The program is run by the SA Government. However, much like our own program, partnerships are essential for the success of their program. They work with the community, over 100 schools, 12 state agencies, 21 local governments, and several volunteer and conservation groups. No easy task!

They have already succeeded in planting 1.5 million trees as of July 2008! And was chosen as one of the top 25 ecological restoration programs in Australasia.

Read the Million Trees Program March 2009 Report here

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