Why the 4th Annual Green Seattle Day is the most important yet…

If you are a fan of Green Seattle Partnership on Facebook, or our follower on Twitter, then you’ve probably seen the barrage of  ‘invitations to join 1,000 of your neighbors on Green Seattle Day.’  This year’s GSD, which is scheduled for Nov. 7th, just might be the most important yet.

Our ballots are due on November 3rd.  On November 4th, we will know who the future mayor of Seattle will be — the first new mayor since Greg Nickels took office in 2002.  Nickels has been a champion of the Partnership’s work ever since the Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Seattle and Cascade Land Conservancy was signed in 2004.  However, this year’s mayoral race has already demonstrated our community’s thirst for new leadership and new policies.  Both candidates have made efforts to distance themselves from Nickels-era politics and have consistently emphasized the need for change in City Hall.  What does this mean for the future of the Green Seattle Partnership?

November 7th, the weekend after the election, is our time to shine.  By coming out in numbers to Cheasty Greenspace (or any of the 16 event sites across the city), we can show our newly elected officials that Green Seattle Day is more than a restoration event; it is a recognition of the benefits of our urban forests, a celebration of our commitment to a healthy city, and a statement of Seattle’s strong civic pride and community.  We need to show our leaders that the reasons that Mayor Nickels supported the Partnership are the same reasons that it deserves their support as well.

We, the citizens of Seattle, recognize that it is our responsibility to take care of our parks.  Our city’s forests, which provide necessary services and infrastructure, are worth the investment.  With proper support, volunteers from our community can make a difference and can help keep Seattle a healthy, happy place to live.

Please take this opportunity to answer the invitation to get out and volunteer.   You’ll help show our strength and I guarantee you’ll have a great time doing it!

“Seattle’s forested parklands are in need of restoration to continue and enhance their ability to provide healthy natural settings in the midst of the city.  Parklands also are important for all their associated environmental, community and economic benefits including sequestering carbon. The Green Seattle Partnership and other efforts of my administration to make Seattle a truly emerald city are among the most lasting efforts of my administration.” -Greg Nickels


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