The World’s 10 Greatest Urban Parks

stanley parkThis is a cool article from The Infrastructurist, listing great parks and green spaces in cities across the world. Included are the 60-acre Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, 2300-acre Monsanto Forest Park in Lisbon, and 8 other examples of fantastic natural spaces that make our urban areas healthier and more livable. There is a good mix of park types and uses, from cultural centers and concert venues to true urban forests and hiking trails. Stanley Park (viewed from above in this photo), in Vancouver, represents the Pacific Northwest on the list.

All of the parks listed are among the crown jewels of their respective cities, reminding us that the value of great urban green space is recognized by people around the world. As for the Puget Sound, we are also lucky to have many large parks throughout the region that provide trails and easily accessible natural areas. Seattle ranked #13 in the country among cities with the highest percentage of their area devoted to parks (11.3%)

Runners up, as named by the article’s author, included Grant/Millennium Park in Chicago, Englischer Gardens in Munich, Chapultepec park in Mexico City, Fairmount Park in Philadelphia, Ueno Park in Tokyo, Hong Kong Park, San Christobal Hill in Santiago, the Royal Botanical Gardens in Sydney, Forest Park in St. Louis, and Pheonix Park in Dublin.


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