Sword Fern

LB_fern2Polystichum munitum

A staple at any of our planting work parties, this evergreen fern is a common sight in the understory of a healthy native northwest conifer forest. Arguably the most common fern in this area, especially in the parks, the sword fern can be distinguished from other ferns by its characteristic “thumb” – a small lobe at the base of each leaflet where it attaches to the stem of the frond. Unlike the bracken fern with its single fronds, or the small, delicate deer fern, the sword fern has bushy, clumping fronds of dark lealets and grows up to 5 or 6 feet.

View the Sword fern ID card by WNPS


Pseudotsuga menziesii

One Reply to “Sword Fern”

  1. And…it is such a cool fern that it takes away nettle sting if you rub the spores on the underside of the leaf on your nettley skin! Once again….thank you nature

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