Happy Friday: Nature Makes You Nicer

couplewalkingIn case you didn’t already have plans to get outside this weekend, consider a new study from the University of Rochester. According to an article from MSNBC, spending time in natural environments increases all kinds of good qualities in people, including happiness, friendliness, generosity, feelings of connectedness and social responsibility.

Richard Ryan, one of the study’s co-authors, says “we’ve found nature brings out more social feelings, more value for community and close relationships. People are more caring when they’re around nature.”

The study claims that this effect is so strong that, if you can’t get out into real nature, even looking at pictures of natural spaces on a computer will help . . . we’re not so sure that’s necessary. So to really seal the deal on your good mood, we suggest a double-header this weekend of time spent outdoors and giving back to your community: volunteer at a restoration event in a local park or green space (volunteering will make you feel good too).

Lucky for you, Green Seattle Day is tomorrow – plant a tree at one of 16 parks throughout the city!

There are also three great volunteer restoration events in Tacoma Buckley Gulch, Wapato Creek, and Skookum Wulge.

Follow the links to “Our Partnerships” on the right sidebar to check out all of the upcoming events in your area through one of the Green City Partnerships. We’ll see you out there and we’ll give you a high-five.

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