Plant Salvage Poetry

Dylan Mendenhall, Schmitz Park Preserve’s Forest Steward,  shared a poem with us about his volunteer group during a native plant salvage.  It was submitted to Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union’s Op : Coop. We really like it and think that you will, too.

Friends of Schmitz Park

Goodbye Forest

In the great green forest
There was a plant salvage
And rain from the sky
And a picturesque…

…bough growing over with moss.
And there were three little ferns
And an urban disturbance

And sacks full of plants
And miraculous burlap
And a dear little fern
And a non-native worm

And the boots of a volunteer stuck in the mush
And a quiet old lady whispering “lush”

Goodbye forest; goodbye moss
Goodbye boughs growing over with moss
Goodbye twilight and rain from the sky
Goodbye ferns and the urban disturbance

Goodbye plants and burlap sacks
Goodbye shovels and volunteer huddles
Goodbye boots and goodbye stuck
Goodbye nobody, goodbye mush
And goodbye to the old lady whispering “lush”

Goodbye mushrooms – surreal like and strange
Goodbye rhizomes – the underground chains
Goodbye volunteer – riding a bicycle
Goodbye forest – now unto the tranquil


See it @ Op : Coop and help Friends of Schmitz by casting your vote!



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