Red Fields to Green Fields

What if one project could help alleviate the urban real estate crisis and create public parks at the same time? Atlanta’s Red Fields to Green Fields is a non-profit organization whose goal is to use stimulus funding for the creation of new parks to transform the city into a healthier, greener, and more economically viable place to be.

Georgia leads the country in bank failure, and lots sitting on the market not being bought by developers create further problems for banks. “Red field” real estate is unused urban commercial property that continues to decline in value, while taking the property values of surrounding areas with it. Atlanta is also the lowest-ranking U.S. city in terms of acreage of green space available to residents. The plan is to buy up these red field properties and create 6,500 acres of parks and 780 miles of greenbelt throughout Georgia, in the Atlanta metro and surrounding areas. Red Fields to Green Fields hopes to make this a scalable model for other cities. The funding hasn’t been distributed yet, so this idea, which will take $5 billion of stimulus funding, is still in the works.

We first got wind of this exciting project on City Parks Blog, and you can read the full article in the Atlanta-Journal Constitution. Also check out the promotional material on the Red Fields to Green Fields website for more details.

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