Thinking about Copenhagen

photo by Erica Simek

Did you think we were going to let a whole week go by without mentioning it?

Another great article posted yesterday on City Parks Blog talks about the link between cities, city parks, and climate. It’s on the radar in the international conference on global warming going on right now in Copenhagen. “In a session this week there on reducing carbon through public transit, an official from Portland’s Tri-Met spoke of how cities need to be “places where people want to be” for transit to work. A session next Thursday will highlight efforts to create sustainable communities and another from the perspective of U.S. city mayors” (led by Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels).

We’re talking about denser, more walkable, livable, better-planned cities. Complete, compact, connected. The City Parks Blog article cites a lot of interesting infrastructure in cities around the country, from St. Paul to New Orleans to Portland to New York.

For more news from Copenhagen, check out Grist’s running commentary, and a graphic representation on who’s at the conference, and what they’re after, from the New York Times.

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