Rio de Janeiro, and its parks, drawing global attention

As winter settles into our little corner of the globe, I’m getting excited for the upcoming Winter Olympics in Vancouver, B.C.. Meanwhile, plans are already underway for future Olympics many years down the road.

Having won the bid for the 2016 Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro is now enjoying a global spotlight in all sorts of ways. In addition to a host of other things that make this city worthy of world-wide attention, it has plenty to be proud of in terms of natural area, as noted on City Parks BlogRio is also home to both the first and second largest forests within an urban area, quite a combination.

Tijuca Forest, the world’s largest urban forest, is known as the “green spine of Rio.” Covering nearly 8,000 acres in the center of the city, it is a hand-planted mountain rainforest, re-planted in the 19th century in an effort to protect Rio’s water supply. Pedra Branca Park, the world’s second-largest urban forest, will be one of the sites for the 2,386 seedlings that will be planted to offset all of the carbon emissions from the 2016 Olympics. “The Rio 2016 Games will act as a catalyst for environmental legislation and programs across the three levels of governmen. All our activities are aligned with the city’s strategic plan for the protection of nature. It’s good to get a head start with this action now, in the application stage,” said Carlos Arthur Nuzman, president of Rio 2016 Committee. . . Green Rio Partnership, anyone?

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