The Art of Blackberry: UW Students Transform Invasives into Sculpture

Students in the UW’s School of Forest Resources combined restoration with art for a project in Jon Bakkar’s “Introduction to Restoration Ecology” course.

Amy Lambert, who teaches a class on art and restoration at UW Bothel, led the students in an environmental art project using blackberry canes they cleared from the Union Bay Natural Area. Students from her own class also worked at the site and created their own works of art from the blackberry canes. “The activities were about removing invasive species and transforming the material into sculptural forms,” Lambert says. “In addition, performance art was used to call attention to the historic context of Union Bay Natural Area. By engaging in inventive strategies, students demonstrated their concerns for the natural environment while challenging public perceptions about the role humans have played in shaping the landscape.”

Read more about this collaboration in the UW’s University Week.

One Reply to “The Art of Blackberry: UW Students Transform Invasives into Sculpture”


    There is something postive within every negative.
    I’d like to advocate THIS creative activity with KNOTWEED:

    First clear it and dispose of properly.

    Next, cut back the shoots and COOK with them.

    After they have been cut back repeatedly over the growing season, THEN cover with black plastic to dehydrate & cook roots in the soil (=weaken plant).

    Next year, start over, with perfected recipes.

    Rumor has it KNOTWEED was brought here as an edible, and who wants canned bamboo sprouts in their stir fry anyway?????

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