Bad Girl, Good Woman

This Blog post was written by forest steward Craig Thompson for the Beacon Hill Blog.  Craig works regularly with the Beacon Hill Alliance of Neighbors (BAN) to clean up and restore Dr. Jose Rizal Park.  If you are interested in volunteering at Dr. Jose Rizal Park you can volunteer THIS Saturday, January 16 to celebrate MLK Weekend.

Where Deborah Lived in 2003: Picture taken beside I-90 in 2007, site cleaned 2008

I met Deborah at a cleanup at Dr. José Rizal Park. Bright, interested, she blended in with the volunteers EarthCorps assembled in December to prep the soil for a larger event, scheduled for this upcoming Saturday, January 16, a kickoff for a weekend of volunteerism celebrating Dr. King’s birthday.

We got to talking that frigid day, I try to connect with folks who come, to hear their stories should they choose to share.

Deborah did. “The park is so much better than it used to be,” she said, a silver nose ring bobbing as a smile spread on her full, purple lips.

“You’ve been here before?” I asked.

“I used to live in the park,” she said…… (click to continue reading)

One Reply to “Bad Girl, Good Woman”

  1. This is an amazing story — and one that shows that park restoration and maintenance is more than just about the plants. Thanks to Craig for writing this!

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