19th Annual Native Bare-root Plant Sale in Pierce County

Pierce Conservation District accepting pre-orders now until January 31, 2010

Plan now for spring planting!  The Pierce Conservation District is taking orders for its 19thAnnual Native Tree and Plant Sale.  The purpose of this sale is to promote the use of native vegetation in landscaping.   Native plants need no additional, fertilizer, or pesticides, or water once established and they are an excellent way to invite birds into your yard.

The District is featuring 30 species of plants native to Western Washington as well as plastic tree tubes and spray on repellent to protect the seedlings from deer, rodent and grass trimmer damage.  Species include 6-24 inch conifers such as western red cedar, Douglas fir, Fort Lewis ponderosa pine, and noble fir, 10-12” deciduous trees such as Oregon white oak and pacific dogwood, ground covers such as kinnikinnick and salal, and a number of favorite wildlife species such as; evergreen huckleberry, mock orange, American cranberry, red flowering currant, and many more.

Pre-orders will be taken from now until January 31st, 2010.  Plant materials will be available for pick up February 19 and 20, 2010 at the District office in Puyallup.  Prices range from $4 – $21 per bundle of five to ten plants.

If you would like to request an order form for our native plants, please call the Pierce Conservation District at (253) 845-9770 x 106 or email renes[at]piercecountycd.org. You may also download an order form from our web site, www.piercecountycd.org.

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