Can I climb that tree to cut down the ivy?

While perhaps fun, this isn’t necessary. Instead we cut a survival ring for a tree. By clearing a 6 foot radius around the base of the tree and removing all the vines from the forest floor up to your chest height on the tree’s trunk, all the remaining ivy foliage in the canopy of the tree trunk will whither and die. The ivy’s weight is already stressing the tree enough without us crawling through its branches too. If ivy is wrapped tightly enough, pulling it out of high branches without cutting it first can further damage the tree.

Best management practices (BMPs) are created by restoration professionals and volunteers alike to most effectively address the challenges posed by each individual invasive weed species. See some other weed-specific methods at the Green Seattle Partnership website.

To practice the BMPs yourself and get your hands dirty for our urban forest and natural areas, come to a work party near you in Seattle, Tacoma, Kirkland, Redmond, or Kent!

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