Green Redmond Forest Steward Profile: Doug Schmitt

Doug Schmitt, Forest Steward at Hartman Park

Doug is in his second year as a Forest Steward at Jonathan Hartman Park.  As a Redmond resident with a degree from the University of Washington in restoration ecology, he felt it was important to get involved with the restoration efforts in Redmond’s parks.

“If you have a desire to make a difference, it’s great,” he said.

Doug is active at two sites in Hartman Park, a 40-acre park featuring both recreational amenities and forested areas.  He is currently replanting an area near the parking lot, and also does some restoration on the nearby trail.

Doug credits the Green Redmond Partnership in aiding his restoration effort at Hartman Park.

“The Partnership has been fantastic,” he said.  “Between the training classes and volunteer coordination, it provides a lot of support.”

While his background is in forest restoration, the community-building aspect of being a Forest Steward is also rewarding for Doug.

“It’s a good way to give back to the community,” he said, “and you meet lots of engaged, interesting people.”

Thanks for your hard work, Doug!  We’re glad to have such dedicated Forest Stewards in Redmond’s parks.

Doug has prior experience in forest restoration, but not all of our Forest Stewards do.  A willingness to learn and a commitment to a forested park is all we ask of our new Forest Stewards.  To find out how YOU can become a Forest Steward, or to volunteer in one of Redmond’s parks, visit

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