Mike Town Wins National Award for Environmental Education

We’ve been hearing about Mike Town’s great work for years, so we were thrilled to hear about the incredible award he won last week for his work with environmental science students at Redmond High School. He was presented with the $25,000 inaugural Green Prize in Environmental Education from the NEA Foundation last Monday, and was the unanimous choice for the award of a very prestigious panel.

From the Seattle Times: “Town’s program, “Cool School Challenge,” shows kids how to do energy audits of their school buildings and, using math and science, reduce the carbon footprint by powering down computers at night, turning out lights that aren’t being used, recycling, composting and a range of other strategies. About 150 participating schools across the country have saved an estimated 1.5 million pounds of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse-gas emissions.”

Many of his students also happen to be Green Redmond volunteers.

The NEA Foundation is an independent public charity that offers grants and programs to support educators’ efforts to close the achievement gaps, increase classroom innovations, provide professional development, and salute excellence in education.

Congratulations, Mr. Town!

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