Green Redmond Forest Steward Profile: Kaytlyn Sanders

Kaytlyn Sanders, Forest Steward at Viewpoint Park

Kaytlyn is a Forest Steward at the Viewpoint Neighborhood Park in Redmond, a 5-acre multi-use park.  While she has been a resident of nearby Bellevue since 2005, Kaytlyn has been involved at the park since last year, when she attended the Forest Steward orientation.

“It was really a no-pressure orientation, but it ended up being very inspiring,” Kaytlyn said.  Even if she hadn’t decided to become a Forest Steward, Kaytlyn said, she still would have found the orientation valuable.

“Attending the Forest Steward orientation can be helpful either way, even in park involvement,” she said.

As a Forest Steward, Kaytlyn organizes work parties at Viewpoint Neighborhood Park, enlisting the help of friends and neighborhood residents.

“It’s amazing to see the neighbors come out and help,” she said.  “And it’s good knowing you’re making a difference just down the street.”

According to Kaytlyn, the Green Redmond Partnership has been “phenomenal” in terms of helping with equipment and event planning.

“They know it’s not a full-time job for Forest Stewards, so they make sure to help us keep up,” she said.

Now in her second year at the Viewpoint Neighborhood Park, Kaytlyn is still inspired by the work she’s doing.

“I like that it’s very hands-on,” she said.  “Being a Forest Steward is more than just talking about environmental issues, it’s doing something about them.”

Thank you for all your hard work, Kaytlyn!  We’re lucky to have dedicated Forest Stewards like you in the parks.

Kaytlyn was already interested in becoming a Forest Steward when she attended the orientation.  If YOU are interested but not sure, why not attend?  You’ll learn a lot about restoring this region’s native vegetation, and get important information about dealing with invasive plants.  For more information, visit


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