Sustainable Redmond

Sustainable Redmond is having its first few public events this month! If you are a member of the Redmond community and would like to get involved in this exciting new group, check out their website, and this message from them below.

On July 22nd from 7-9 pm, at the Redmond Library, in Meeting Room 2, we are hosting a talk by Cecile Andrews on“Living Sustainably: Simpler, Slower, Smaller”. Cecile is the author of three books related to sustainability and voluntary simplicity: the recently released “Less is More”, along with “Slow is Beautiful” and “The Circle of Simplicity”.

Sustainable Redmond is a newly formed group with a mission to be a catalyst for moving Redmond ’s citizens, businesses, and local government towards sustainability, through education, advocacy, and community events. Check us out at We are also currently forming interest groups related to various aspects of sustainability, open to all. Our current list of interest groups includes:

  • Food, gardening and the natural environment
  • Energy efficiency and energy generation
  • Alternative transportation
  • Sustainability of local businesses, schools and government offices
  • Measures of sustainability (water quality, greenhouse gases, waste)
  • Life-style choices: buying local, consuming less, etc.

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