Happy Blogiversary Green Cities – and a contest!

We made it!! A year has flown by since we got the idea to make a blog to tell people what we’ve been up to, and encourage us to stay current on what the rest of the field is up to. A year of posts about exciting news from our five Green City Partnerships, frequently asked questions, spotlights on our amazing volunteers, information about native plants, other urban natural area efforts around the country and around the globe, and insightful editorials from our staff. We’re already exciting about this coming year!

To celebrate the first birthday of our blog, comment on this post to tell us your favorite post from the last year. Everyone who comments will be entered into a raffle to win a prize (and the author of the selected post will get some hefty street cred).

Thanks everyone for blogging with us this year. The comment period for the raffle prize will end on September 10th, so get commenting!

6 Replies to “Happy Blogiversary Green Cities – and a contest!”

  1. I like “Animal Cities” because it’s so fun and colorful. And whoever posted it must be a really fun and clever person, I’ll bet. Whoa, I want to live in a hippo! LOL!

  2. The contest is now closed. Congratulations to our winner – “The Carbon Stored in a Tree”! Ara (the author of the post) will get some bragging rights, and the author of the comment gets a coffee and a sandwich at a local coffee shop. Thanks everyone!

    Feel free to keep commenting, though . . .

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