Happy Snow Day!

I hope everyone out there in the Green Cities is enjoying the beautiful weather and staying safe and warm out there! The trees look gorgeous in the snow, so if you have the opportunity, get out to your local park or natural area for a walk. Few things are as calm and peaceful in the city as a walk in the snow.

If anyone gets out, comment here on your favorite city snow scene!

2 Replies to “Happy Snow Day!”

  1. This morning at Gasworks park there were tons of people out sledding and snowboarding. Being from Michigan it was funny to see people sledding on boxes and rubbermaid containers with patches of grass and dirt popping up from under the compacted snow. I have never seen so many people from my neighborhood out at one time! On a green cities note- I did see the blackberry and knotweed having a hard time with the cold temps 🙂

  2. So wonderful to hear about people using their parks in new ways with the snow. I must say that little kids bundled up in snow suits is about the cutest thing I have seen in a long time! I hope that everyone is getting outside to enjoy all the sun being reflected off the snow today. That is a surefire way to made some Vitamin D!

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