Why Trees Matter

Jim Robbins’ recent op-ed piece in the New York Times got a lot of people talking about trees.

The article mentions many of the benefits of trees that we also celebrate here at Green Cities: trees as natural water filters, air filters, shade for the urban heat island, and more. Trees as stress reducers point to a study out of Japan on the practice of “forest bathing” to improve your health. Forest bathing also appeared in an earlier post.

Robbins also talks about the benefits of trees that are only partly-understood, or not understood at all. The complex systems that include trees seem to be constantly revealing more nuances that effect us and the rest of the planet, like the relationship between decomposing tree leaves and ocean plankton.

We have underestimated the importance of trees. . . We take them for granted, but they are a near miracle.

– Jim Robbins

There are so many reasons that trees matter. Thank you to everyone who volunteered this weekend for an Earth Day work party, and we hope you’ll join us again to celebrate and care for trees all year.


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