Project UP heads to Baltimore

We just heard from Project UP partners ACTrees that the second site has been selected to develop a new urban park, on the heels of their first collaboration last year in Indianapolis. Project UP, a partnership between ACTrees and the Boise ASPEN brand of recycled papers, works to “unlock the potential” of urban places by creating new parks and greenspace.

The new greenspace in Baltimore will be in a small lot that formerly held 12 abandoned row houses. Project UP hopes to revitalize the neighborhood and give the community a positive new public space. Park development is coordinated by Project UP, working alongside local non-profit Parks and People Foundation, human services company Humanim, Inc., and local government agencies.

ACTrees says that last year’s project, “Highland Vicinity Park, at the corner of 29th Street and Capitol Ave. in the Near North part of Indianapolis, is now a green oasis at a busy intersection where a gas station used to stand.” Some nice photos are posted on their website of the construction, which involved over 70 volunteers.

These are just the kind of stories we love to hear about. We’ll keep our ears open for more updates from this great project.


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