Tour Des…Trees?

Photo credit to Alvin Gilens

Last week, more than 100 cyclists finished a 585-mile course along the Pacific Coast to raise money for urban forestry research, marking the 20th Anniversary. The ride also stops for tree plantings and other community engagement programs – maybe next year we can send a Green Cities cyclist to join them! The Tree Research and Education Endowment (TREE) Fund has raised over $5.5 million since 1992 and funds go towards research on the benefits of trees to communities and economies, as well as ways to preserve and improve urban tree health.

“The STIHL Tour des Trees is an engine for innovation in the arboriculture industry,” said TREE Fund president and CEO Janet Bornancin.

We look forward to continually learning more about the great service trees bring to our cities! Know of another cool fundraiser to benefit trees? Let us know!


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