Where to Place Parks

Forsyth Park sits along the spine of the Historic District, uniting pedestrian over car traffic. Credit to Kevin Klinkenberg

What makes a park work? Baltimore answered this question earlier this year with, “location, location, location”. City Planner Kevin Klinkenberg agrees. In his latest post on the benefits of walkable cities, Klinkenberg says what makes Forsyth Park great is how central it is (physically) to community life in the Savannah’s Historic District. Forsyth Park dominates the spine of the district for many blocks, squarely inserting green space into city living. It diverts traffic and allows pedestrians and cyclists a logical place to enjoy and congregate. Instead of making parks the land use of last resort, cities must to actively pursue locations for the best parks.

This is how purposeful city planning can develop urban forestry, and local communities! We are so excited here at Green Cities to have committed partners that bring the private and public stakeholders together to protect and restore urban green spaces just around your corner. And we’ll keep you in the loop as the benefits of urban parks are discovered around the nation!

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