Get Outside

Looking to get outside? This section has resources to get you moving and breathing fresh air. From scavenger hunts to ways to engage with your community, look in this section for all things outside.

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Scavenger Hunts

Practice identifying native and invasive plants with this plant scavenger hunt.

Gotta find’ em all! Use our Nature Walk Checklist as you get some fresh air, and see what nature is all around you! Great for the whole family, as checklist items get progressively harder to find.

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Next time you’re out for a walk take a look for teddy bears, or try putting some in your windows to brighten someone’s day! Learn more here.

Do some good and clean-up while out walking by joining Puget Sound Keeper’s #PSKVirtualCleanUp! Go to Instagram to check out what others have accomplished and share your #PSKVirtualCleanUp pictures!

If you’re looking to learn about local parks or native plants, check out Green Seattle’s Instagram live walks! You can follow them on instagram to learn when the next one is, or check out past walks. This is a great way to learn about plants, parks, and add a little energy to your next outdoor excursion.

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Check out the Audobon Society’s Birding Resources for all things birding. Learn about how to get started and bird ID, or read about birding stories and communities to get involved with.

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Why get outside?

University of Washington’s Nature and Health Department works to understand the connection between nature and human health. Find events, research, and resources here.

In addition to being beneficial to your physical health, walking in nature has numerous mental health benefits as well.

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