While at home, we at the Green City Partnerships are spending time expanding our knowledge on the latest in ecological restoration. From the basics and local restoration projects, to the newest developments – we invite you to join us in learning and by the time we are back out in the field hosting volunteer events, you’ll be dying to put what you’ve learned to practice.

Back Home!


Local Restoration

Check out the adaptive reforestation project happening in our region at Stossel Creek. The project is a partnership between Northwest Natural Resource GroupMountains to Sound GreenwaySeattle City Light, and Seattle Public Utilities.

Green Seattle has a whole lot of urban forest to restore, and plenty of educational resources to explore that restoration. Here is an article exploring the reference ecosystems that guide restoration in Seattle.

The Ever Changing World of Restoration

Adapting stewardship to adaptive migration. Why we protect native species and how climate change may require us to change how we achieve restoration goals.

Webinars and Podcasts

Wednesday webinars with the Society for Ecological Restoration from 1 pm-2 pm.

Green Seattle Partnership online training videos.

The Treehugger Podcast is all about the science, practice, and humans of ecological restoration.

Listen to the In Defense of Plants Podcast for all things plants.

Living on Earth Podcast is about the world’s changing environment, ecology, and human health.

KUOW’s The Wild– how nature survives and thrives alongside humans.

New Hampshire Public Radio’s Outside/In podcast.


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