Weekly Spotlight

There’s a lot of resources out there. Where to start?

Each week you can check here for our weekly spotlights, which will highlight a diverse range of resources and activities to get involved with. With Earth month here and underway, we’re looking forward to seeing how our communities continue to engage, even in the most adverse of times.

Back Home!

For the week of 4/20 to 4/26

To celebrate Earth Month, and encourage human connection in this challenging time we will be hosting a Green Cities Partnership book club! This will be an opportunity for members from all the Green Cities Partnerships to connect.

Earth Day 2020 is here, and it’s the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! For this week and beyond there are so many ways to take action and celebrate victories in the environment. Check out the home page of Earth Day Northwest 2020, where they have calls for action, webinars, resources, and more for you to get evolved during this momentous time.

Do some good and clean-up while out walking by joining Puget Sound Keeper’s #PSKVirtualCleanUp! Go to Instagram to check out what others have accomplished and share your #PSKVirtualCleanUp pictures!

For the week of 4/13 to 4/19

Reference Ecosystems (what we’re trying to get to)

The words habitat and ecosystem get thrown around a lot in our line of work, but it’s not often we get to slow down and remind ourselves what we’re restoring to. This post from Green Seattle describes the plant communities we’re actively trying to restore in our PNW urban forests.

Nature Walk Checklist

Love scavenger hunts? Looking to get a little extra flavor in your daily walk? Check out our nature walk checklist, and see if you can track down the many marvelous moments and minutiae of nature in your neighborhood! Great for the whole familiy!

Native Plant Appreciation Month

April is Native Plant Appreciation Month, and while we can’t do the large-scale outdoor restoration we love, there are still plenty of ways to show appreciation. Learn about native plants, spread the word, do some backyard restoration! Washington Native Plant Society is a great place to start learning about native plants, and their blog–Botanical Rambles–is an excellent resource.

For the week of 4/6 to 4/12

Birding! Community Science!

Ever wanted to do community science? Love birds? Now is the perfect time to get involved, as researchers at the UW Quantitative Ecology Lab have a new community science program through eBird. Make observations using a mobile app from the comfort of your backyard or local green space!

The rapid changes in our society may have had profound impacts on the way birds behave on a day-to-day basis. Join in a region-wide effort to discover the truth!

To sign up, check out this page.

The Need to Weed!

As we move out of prime planting season, the need to weed grows stronger than ever! With volunteer events on pause, home invasive weed removal is becoming an increasingly vital part of the restoration landscape. Check out this fun brochure from King County Noxious Weeds, and look to remove these weeds from your green space!

Color Your Space!

Love coloring? Need some inspiration for illustration? Check out these coloring sheets, courtesy of illustrator Julia Rothman. Her works, which include such gems as Farm Anatomy and Nature Anatomy, are full of brilliant illustrations of the natural world, with tips on getting inspired to create your own. Check out the sheets here, and fill your space with colorful nature!

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