Green City Days 2021

At the 2021 Green City Days, over 1,284 volunteers planted 9,653 native trees and shrubs in our parks. These young plants will grow into a healthy urban forest that will continue to benefit our communities for centuries!

After no public or in-person events in 2020, we were all excited to get planting this year! Fourteen cities across Puget Sound participated in Green City Days 2021–including the Snohomish County Healthy Forest Project, who hosted their first annual Snohomish County Healthy Forest Day.

During the 2021 Green City Days, Green Cities Partnerships hosted events at 58 different parks, where 1,284 volunteers helped remove aggressive weeds and planted 9,653 native trees, shrubs, and groundcover plants in community parks. The value of this volunteer work is immeasurable. Restoring our community’s urban forests creates natural air and water filtration, allows for natural water retention to reduce flooding, creates habitat for wildlife, and makes outdoor recreation more accessible.

This year also marks the first-ever Seattle Forest Week! In addition to restoration events in twenty-two parks on November 6 for Green Seattle Day, the Green Seattle Partnership hosted a number of community events, including a BIPOC beach walk, a tree walk, a virtual plant walk, and more.

This year’s Green City Days had plenty of notable moments. Volunteers at the Gog Le Hi Te site in Tacoma planted flowering shrubs and groundcovers to add forage for pollinators and color to this estuary site. Several volunteers who worked hard removing weeds and preparing this site for planting during our August Earth Gay event returned on Green Tacoma Day to finish their work and help the site get planted! At Green Snoqualmie Day, volunteers helped to reforest a site that was formerly a massive blackberry bramble at the Three Forks Natural Area. Volunteers were a part of the greater collaboration between the City of Snoqualmie, Forterra, The Snoqualmie Tribe, and Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust to restore forest along the edge of the Snoqualmie River at this site.

Green City Days Highlights

Green Everett Day

Green City Days 2021 kicked off with Green Everett Day on October 2nd! Over 60 community volunteers helped plant 220 native plants at Thornton A. Sullivan Park, Forest Park, South Everett Forest Preserve, and Johnston Kelly Park. These plants will help increase biodiversity and create a more healthy urban forest in Everett’s parks!

Green Tacoma Day

On October 9, Forterra, EarthCorps, and the City of Tacoma partnered to host Green Tacoma Day. At this event, 135 volunteers planted 377 new plants in eleven different parks, including Gog Le Hi Te Wetlands.

Green Tukwila Day

On October 9, 26 volunteers planted 16 trees and 49 shrubs in Tukwila Park. Volunteers also removed 400 square feet of invasive species, including English ivy.

Green Des Moines Day

21 volunteers planted 127 native plants at Des Moines’ Sonju Park. This park is the site of an old family farm; it boasts a bountiful community garden, and includes important wetland habitat. Volunteers had fun in the beautiful weather creating a planting plan to support the site’s varied needs!

Green Snoqualmie Day

This year’s Green Snoqualmie Day took place at Three Forks Natural Area. 65 volunteers planted 990 trees and shrubs in a site that was formerly a large patch of invasive Himalayan blackberry.

Green SeaTac Day

Green SeaTac Day was also the City of SeaTac’s Arbor Day celebration as declared by Councilmember Pam Fernald.  It was great to plant so many trees in North SeaTac Park after Green SeaTac Partnership’s dedicated Forest Stewards hosted 25 restoration work parties in 2021 alone! At this event, 32 volunteers planted 506 plants to add to this growing urban forest. Thank you to King Conservation District, SeaTac Parks & Rec and Partner in Employment for continued collaboration at SeaTac’s largest park. 

Green Burien Day

The third annual Green Burien Day at Hilltop Park celebrated a great collaboration between City of Burien PARCs, EarthCorps, Forterra, the WA DNR Urban and Community Forestry Program, the Port of Seattle, and Partner in Employment. 24 volunteers planted 270 native plants, and many Forest Stewards from the Green Burien Partnership met each other for the first time to share resources and grow their amazing network of volunteers!

Snohomish County Healthy Forest Day

The Snohomish County Healthy Forest Project hosted its first Healthy Forest Day this year! 21 volunteers planted 250 trees at Lord Hill Park along the Snohomish River. These new plants will create healthy riparian habitat, which will shade the river and create habitat for salmon. These plants will benefit both the Snohomish River and the park’s forest.

Green Issaquah Day

This year, the Green Issaquah Partnership worked with the Issaquah Alps Trails Club to host Green Issaquah Day. 45 volunteers planted 220 plants which will grow into the future forest at Bernsten Park!

Green Kirkland Day

This year, Green Kirkland Day helped restore OO Denny Park, McAuliffe Park, and Crestwoods Park. 80 volunteers planted 584 plants in these parks!

Green Redmond Day

On a very foggy (and spooky) October 30th, the City of Redmond and Forterra partnered to host Green Redmond Day in two parks: Smith Woods Park and Farrel-McWhirter Park. 77 volunteers planted 400 plants in these parks!

Green Seattle Day

Despite a very rainy weekend, this year’s Green Seattle Day brought almost 500 volunteers to 22 different parks in Seattle! These volunteers planted over 4,600 plants, and the festivities continued throughout the first-ever Seattle Forest Week.

Green Puyallup Day

This year, the City of Puyallup hosted Green Puyallup Day at five different parks. 72 volunteers installed 267 new trees, shrubs, and groundcover plants to help restore their community’s urban forests!

Green Shoreline Day

Volunteers helped restore North City Park, Paramount Open Space, Richmond Beach Saltwater Park, and South Twin Ponds Park by planting 685 plants! 128 volunteers helped make this event possible.

Green Everett Day. Photo by Jim Avery
Green Tacoma Day
Green Tukwila Day
Green Des Moines Day
Green SeaTac Day
Deputy Mayor and Council members plant trees at North SeaTac Park
Green Burien Day
Snohomish County Healthy Forest Day. Photo by Ash Lehto
Green Issaquah Day
Green Redmond Day. Photo by Andrew Watson
Green Seattle Day at Herrings House. Photo by Christine Stevens

Thanks to our Green City Day volunteers, partners, and sponsors!

Thank you for being an integral part of these long-lasting Green City Partnerships! Whether you’re a volunteer, a partner, a sponsor, or simply a conservation enthusiast, we could not do this work without you. Your passion and stewardship is crucial to restoring the urban forests of the Puget Sound region.

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