Staying connected is one of the most powerful things we can do during this time! This page has ways to connect with your Green City Partnership and other volunteers.

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To celebrate Earth Month, and encourage human connection in this challenging time we will be hosting a Green Cities Partnership book club! This will be an opportunity for members from all the Green Cities Partnerships to connect.

Follow the King County Parks Facebook page. From park highlights and updates, to activities like crosswords and live streams- head here for an awesome mix of all things parks.

The Tilth Alliance is hosting their May edible plant sale online. Check out their website for plant lists, details, and contact information for any questions.

Find your Green City’s social media accounts below to stay up to date.

Backyard Restoration & Gardening Resources

Did you know that many of the weeds we deal with in our natural areas originated as landscape plants? Habitat restoration can start at home by ensuring that your yard is free of aggressive and noxious weeds and planted with native vegetation. Check out these resources to get started.

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Our guide to basic plant ID, distinguishing similar-looking plants, and common weed species. Click here to download!


King County Noxious Weeds has loads of helpful resources on identifying, removing, and replacing invasive weeds. From infographics to school resources to coloring books, KCNW has what you need to get weeding!

Washington State Noxious Weed Control Board has state level information on identifying, safely disposing of, and replacing noxious weeds. They have information specific to different regions of the state, and also great publications on pollinators and many more topics.

Washington Invasive Species Council has a litany of links and a reserve of resources for your disposal. They are dedicated to the preventative action necessary to protect Washington from invasive species outbreaks. Think you’ve seen something. Check out their site to report it!

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Native Plants

The Green Cities network has plenty of resources for its forest stewards, which you can also use to learn about native plants!

Need to know the ins and outs of native plants? Look no further than the Washington Native Plant Society. From botanical rambles (their blog) to gardening resources to extensive plant lists, WNPS is the stop for all things plant.

Interested in learning more about Washington’s prairies? Check out this guide to the plants and restoration of this endangered ecosystem!

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Backyard Habitat

This guide will give you the tools you need to prepare your site, pick your plants, and put them in the ground! Plus, it has a great plant list, with awesome sample graphics.

Trees for Seattle has put together a comprehensive list of tips for home restoration. One of our favorites are these sample planting plans based on different moisture and light conditions!

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House planting & gardening tips

Tilth Alliance works in community with Washington farmers, gardeners and eaters, and has plenty of knowledge to share on the subject of gardening. Check out the garden hotline or the garden almanac!

Washington State University Extension office provides a variety of resources for gardeners and farmers. Check out a list of all their programs for questions on everything from potatoes, to horticulture, to plant pests and pathogens! Some particular programs that may be of interest to backyard gardeners:

The Master Gardener Program

NW Fruit Research Foundation

Pacific NW Vegetable Group

WSU Hortsense

Want to start a vegetable garden? Not sure where to get high quality seeds? In Washington we are lucky to have Deep Harvest Farms and Uprising Seeds selling seeds that have been adapted and bred for growth in the Pacific Northwest! West Coast Seeds also has a great resource section to help you get started!

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Feeling cooped up with kids out of school? Looking for ways for the whole family to connect with nature while staying at home? These resources have ideas for environmental education and fun activities where your whole family can stay connected with the natural world.

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Nature Vision and the Cascade Water Alliance have created at-home science packets for k-12 students. Lessons feature ecosystems, watersheds, and humans and water. Perfect if you are looking for material as a teacher or if you have kids at home.

Check out these awesome children’s activities that the whole family can do (properly social distancing) while exploring the Children’s Garden at Danny Woo Gardens. The guide comes in English and Chinese.

This Green Seattle blog includes a variety of activities you can do from home with kids. It features great environmental education activities like games, community science, and art projects.

Check out the Audubon Society’s Audubon for Kids! Bringing together resources from their national network, the website has activities for kids to learn about birds, plants, and more.

Beautiful coloring sheets from Karen Peterson and King County Noxious weeds that teach you about the noxious weeds we deal with in our area.

“A cavalcade of coloring” thanks to the Washington Native Plant Society.

Tree themed word search from King County Parks.

Get Outside

Looking to get outside? This section has resources to get you moving and breathing fresh air. From scavenger hunts to ways to engage with your community, look in this section for all things outside.

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Scavenger Hunts

Practice identifying native and invasive plants with this plant scavenger hunt.

Gotta find’ em all! Use our Nature Walk Checklist as you get some fresh air, and see what nature is all around you! Great for the whole family, as checklist items get progressively harder to find.

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Next time you’re out for a walk take a look for teddy bears, or try putting some in your windows to brighten someone’s day! Learn more here.

Do some good and clean-up while out walking by joining Puget Sound Keeper’s #PSKVirtualCleanUp! Go to Instagram to check out what others have accomplished and share your #PSKVirtualCleanUp pictures!

If you’re looking to learn about local parks or native plants, check out Green Seattle’s Instagram live walks! You can follow them on instagram to learn when the next one is, or check out past walks. This is a great way to learn about plants, parks, and add a little energy to your next outdoor excursion.

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Check out the Audobon Society’s Birding Resources for all things birding. Learn about how to get started and bird ID, or read about birding stories and communities to get involved with.

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Why get outside?

University of Washington’s Nature and Health Department works to understand the connection between nature and human health. Find events, research, and resources here.

In addition to being beneficial to your physical health, walking in nature has numerous mental health benefits as well.

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