OSU e-campus to offer urban forestry course this fall

FOR 350 Urban Forestry (3) will be available this fall through Oregon State University’s award winning e-campus. This online course is listed as an “introduction to principles and practices of planting and managing trees as a system of urban environment; understanding the economic, environmental, social aspects of urban forests, and an overview of contemporary land use issues and societal perspectives between people and plants.”


For more information, contact OSU Extended Campus, 800-667-1465 or ecampus@oregonstate.edu.

Save the date: Green Tacoma Day September 26, 2009

Green Tacoma Day 2008Discover Tacoma’s Natural Treasures at the 2nd annual Green Tacoma Day to be held on September 26th in conjunction with National Public Lands Day.
–  Join thousands of other Americans across the country celebrating National Public Lands Day.
–  Help protect and restore your favorite local park, gulch, shoreline and garden.
–  Learn more about your favorite recreation destination from experienced Habitat Stewards.
–  Discover something new by taking a walking, hiking, or bike tour of Tacoma’s Natural Areas.

More information to come at www.greentacoma.org

Welcome to Green Cities!

Hello and welcome to the brand-new blog for the Green City Partnerships! We are a collection of public-private partnerships operating in the Puget Sound region of Washington State. We hope that this blog will encourage more communication about urban natural areas and engage more of our community in restoration.

The mission of the Green City Partnership Network is to advance healthy natural open space in urban areas, and to empower people to be agents of change in their communities. We do restoration and maintenance on public natural spaces both for the benefits of “green services” like stormwater retention, carbon sequestration, and wildlife habitat, and also in order to provide cities with spaces where nature can be appreciated close at hand. We rely on a growing network of amazing volunteers to do much of the work from Seattle to Tacoma to Kirkland to Redmond and beyond.

We are all connected, but we don’t always feel that way. One way that the Green City Partnerships help to build community is by bringing people together, physically, around the stewardship of natural open space. Another way is to facilitate more dialogue within and between our programs. We have so much knowledge now among all of our partners, we wanted to share it with each other. This blog was created for all of the Green City Partnerships to share information; keep each other informed about topics related to urban natural space locally, regionally, nationally, and globally; and create a more multi-directional dialogue about the great work that we are doing together. Sometimes it’s helpful to remember that while we are pulling ivy on one acre of neighborhood park, we are working towards something much bigger: a healthier urban environment in our region and a stewardship community to sustain it into the future.

Here’s a great piece of wisdom from our friends at Nature in the City in San Francisco:

“Human and natural communities are all characterized by interconnectedness, interdependence, diversity, adaptability, sense of place and mutual aid and responsibility. True long-term local urban ecological sustainability is dependent upon blurring the distinction between human and natural communities – on the development and mutual coevolution of a healthy and restorative local human-nature relationship.”

(Nature in the City is a project of Earth Island Institute, an organization dedicated to ecological conservation, restoration, and stewardship of the Franciscan bioregion)

Please check this space for upcoming articles on news from our programs, stories about urban natural areas at home and around the world, native plants from our region, frequently asked questions, behind the scenes at Green Cities, and volunteer spotlights. We hope you’ll like what you find and we look forward to your comments.



The Green Cities Team