Behind the Scenes in the Green Cities Office

This is my desk at the Cascade Land Conservancy main office in Seattle, where I work for the Green Cities program every day.  While this sunny window might face a brick wall, I actually do get to go out and visit our field sites every so often.  There are seven other Green Cities staff members at CLC working on our Partnerships in Seattle, Tacoma, Kirkland, Redmond and future cities.  Maybe we can take a look at what they are doing sometime soon…

Norah's Desk

1. Really beautiful salmon poster I won in the raffle at last year’s Storming the Sound environmental education conference.

2. Window into the GIS area.

3. Photo from working with the Washington Conservation Corps crew last year at Blueberry Park in Tacoma, and a sweet thank-you note from Charlotte.

4. Photo of accepting a giant check from REI at last year’s Green Tacoma Day.

5. Postcard from the people who visited our office from the Japan Ecosystem Society!

6. Cds on my desk right now: The Cave Singers, Grand Archives, Neko Case, Lou Reed.

7. Flyer with this year’s work party schedule in Kirkland.

8. Files: work logs, volunteer sign-in sheets, maps for site visits, drafts for the new brochure, flyers and other materials for taking to outreach booths, newletters, the list goes on . . .

9. Photo of Obama giving a fist-bump to a little kid. Amazing.

10. Tube for carrying posters to Kinko’s to get laminated.

11. Tea. Essential.

12. Map of coffee shops in Redmond for dropping off flyers last week.

13. Demo animals Sydney and I made at our kids’ craft outreach booth at Arts in the Parks at Redmond City Hall.

14. Management plans, policy documents, scrap paper shelf, and older files.

15. The infamous notebook. Also essential, but not as essential as tea.

Productively yours,

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