Plant a Forest and Build Community on Green Seattle Day 2013


Join the Green Seattle Partnership to celebrate and restore Seattle’s beautiful forested parks for the 8th annual Green Seattle Day on Saturday, November 2nd from 10 am to 2 pm!   Green Seattle Day is made possible by the City of Seattle as well as the generosity of our lead corporate sponsor, Odwalla.

Green Seattle Day is a meaningful way to connect with nature and create a healthy and vibrant community by planting native trees and shrubs in a park near you. The event takes place in 17 parks city-wide. Seattle’s own West Duwamish Greenbelt is this year’s central hub site, which will be hosted by Nature Consortium and Forterra.

The Green Seattle Partnership is a collaboration between the City of Seattle, non-profit partners, and thousands of committed volunteers that seek to create a sustainable network of healthy forested parklands by removing invasive species and replanting with native shrubs and trees.  Without a coordinated effort, Seattle is at risk of losing 70% of its forests in just 20 years.

Green Seattle Day is a celebration of Seattle’s 2500 acres of forested parks, the committed neighbors who care for them, and the kick-off event for the 2012-2013 restoration planting season.  We supply all tools and supplies. So, grab a water bottle, roll up your sleeves, and get ready to have fun in the forest! We are sure you will leave the parks with a smile on your face. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Learn more and REGISTER for your preferred park at If your company or organization is interested in participating as a volunteer team, contact Kim Frappier at

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Green Seattle Day 2010 A Success!!!!

On a gray but DRY Green Seattle Day, 300 enthusiastic volunteers gathered at Woodland Park to join the Green Seattle Partnership in restoring their local urban forest, kick off the restoration planting season and meet their neighbors.  After registering, volunteers collected their vivid Green Seattle Partnership shirts and continued onto the coffee and snack table. As Mayor McGinn, Cascade Land Conservancy’s president, Gene Duvernoy, Council member, Sally Bagshaw, and Jim Greenfield rallied the volunteers with their words, the volunteers’ multi-colored jackets resembled a delicious bag of Skittles. Once opening remarks came to a close, the energetic mass of volunteers dispersed amongst their assigned work groups. Resembling dance troupes, each group was led in a wide array of stretches, safety talks and introductions by their highly competent Earth Corps leaders.

With the basics covered and tools dispersed, crew leaders guided their groups to the restoration sites. The next three hours were filled with a variety of activity that left event photographers busy with their cameras. Young children played in the dirt and jumped with vigor on shovels steadied by their parents. Teenage laughter rose from a troupe of girls as they rolled a fern on its side to release it from its pot. Throughout the restoration sites, the yellow vests of EarthCorps leads and Student Conservation Association could be seen assisting the pairs of volunteers as they gently secured native plants in their new homes. By the end of the day, volunteers planted over 1,200 shrubs, trees and groundcover plants to build a complete and healthy forest.

Of all the restoration that happened that day, my favorite to witness was the massive mulch line that snaked its way through the park. At least 100 volunteers stood side by side hurriedly shuttling buckets filled from a steaming mound of mulch in the parking lot to the restoration site. The mulch, when placed in a ring around plants, helps maintain essential moisture. The two lines of the mulching crews whooped in encouragement as they raced buckets down the line.

This same scene, with variations, repeated itself throughout the 20 Green Seattle Day parks with volunteer groups ranging from 10 to 300. Throughout all of these parks, the theme was similar: volunteers gathered to kick off the restoration planting season, make a difference in a local park and meet their neighbors. In total over 4,000 plants were put into the ground, mounds of mulch were transported and sites were prepped for future planting. Hats off to the over 1,000 volunteers who attended and the Green Seattle Partnership volunteers and staff that supported and ran the event!

Join us for Green Seattle Day 2010!

Looking to volunteer in a local park,  plant native trees and shrubs, and get to know your neighbors? If so, then Green Seattle Day on November 6th from 10am-2pm is the event for you!
Green Seattle Day is the kick off to the Green Seattle Partnership planting season and is a celebration of our neighborhood parks and committed volunteers. On November 6th from 10am-2pm, 1,000 volunteers are expected to gather in 14 parks across Seattle to lend a hand in restoration.   Interested volunteers can search for a local park and register on the Green Seattle Partnership Website:

You maybe thinking, “Why should I spend the day in a local park when I could be sitting on the couch watching TV?” Well, here are just a few reasons:
1. Green Seattle Day gives you they opportunity to take an active role in the restoration of your local park. More than that! You will get to name the plant you put in the ground and you can return and give your plant pep talks, or take photos as it grows throughout the years!

2.The day of volunteering will allow you to meet your neighbors and even make some new friends. We have found that pulling out ivy and planting trees are actions that bring out the friend making vibes in folks.

3. FREE STUFF! ohhh, now I have your attention. We are going to be giving out fancy Green Seattle Partnership t-shirts to all present volunteers and there will also be some other sweet giveaways at our hub sites, Lower Woodland Park and Camp Long. Not all sites have the same giveaways, but you will be greatly rewarded with a happy feeling inside no matter where you spend the day volunteering and having fun.

So! We would like to cordially invite you NO, challenge you to spend your Saturday morning on November 6th hanging out with GSP folks, planting trees, and making new friends. Find your local park and sign up for a work party ( ! See you in the parks!!!

If you have any questions or would like to organize a group of volunteers for the event please contact Katie at or 206-905-6952.

Why the 4th Annual Green Seattle Day is the most important yet…

If you are a fan of Green Seattle Partnership on Facebook, or our follower on Twitter, then you’ve probably seen the barrage of  ‘invitations to join 1,000 of your neighbors on Green Seattle Day.’  This year’s GSD, which is scheduled for Nov. 7th, just might be the most important yet.

Our ballots are due on November 3rd.  On November 4th, we will know who the future mayor of Seattle will be — the first new mayor since Greg Nickels took office in 2002.  Nickels has been a champion of the Partnership’s work ever since the Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Seattle and Cascade Land Conservancy was signed in 2004.  However, this year’s mayoral race has already demonstrated our community’s thirst for new leadership and new policies.  Both candidates have made efforts to distance themselves from Nickels-era politics and have consistently emphasized the need for change in City Hall.  What does this mean for the future of the Green Seattle Partnership?

November 7th, the weekend after the election, is our time to shine.  By coming out in numbers to Cheasty Greenspace (or any of the 16 event sites across the city), we can show our newly elected officials that Green Seattle Day is more than a restoration event; it is a recognition of the benefits of our urban forests, a celebration of our commitment to a healthy city, and a statement of Seattle’s strong civic pride and community.  We need to show our leaders that the reasons that Mayor Nickels supported the Partnership are the same reasons that it deserves their support as well.

We, the citizens of Seattle, recognize that it is our responsibility to take care of our parks.  Our city’s forests, which provide necessary services and infrastructure, are worth the investment.  With proper support, volunteers from our community can make a difference and can help keep Seattle a healthy, happy place to live.

Please take this opportunity to answer the invitation to get out and volunteer.   You’ll help show our strength and I guarantee you’ll have a great time doing it!

“Seattle’s forested parklands are in need of restoration to continue and enhance their ability to provide healthy natural settings in the midst of the city.  Parklands also are important for all their associated environmental, community and economic benefits including sequestering carbon. The Green Seattle Partnership and other efforts of my administration to make Seattle a truly emerald city are among the most lasting efforts of my administration.” -Greg Nickels

Park(ing) Day a success!

parkingday_image.phpWe had a great time last Friday at the Green Seattle Partnership Park(ing) Day spot. We had a prime location downtown right next to the Cascade Agenda Cities Program, Cascade Bicycle Club, Transportation Choices, and Zip Car. Thanks to everyone who stopped by!

We promoted Green Seattle Day (Nov. 7th), talked to people about public space and urban forests, played bean bags, and hung out in a tiny urban oasis on 1st Avenue. Check out the link to a video of Andrea getting interviewed for the news!



The KOMO reporter couldn’t resist playing a little bean bags with us.

Click here for the clip of Andrea getting interviewed! (the interview was a lot longer than the tiny clip that made it onto tv . . . she was very on-message)

For more info on park(ing) day, and photos from spots around the world, check out their official website.