Backyard Restoration & Gardening Resources

Did you know that many of the weeds we deal with in our natural areas originated as landscape plants? Habitat restoration can start at home by ensuring that your yard is free of aggressive and noxious weeds and planted with native vegetation. Check out these resources to get started.

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Our guide to basic plant ID, distinguishing similar-looking plants, and common weed species. Click here to download!


King County Noxious Weeds has loads of helpful resources on identifying, removing, and replacing invasive weeds. From infographics to school resources to coloring books, KCNW has what you need to get weeding!

Washington State Noxious Weed Control Board has state level information on identifying, safely disposing of, and replacing noxious weeds. They have information specific to different regions of the state, and also great publications on pollinators and many more topics.

Washington Invasive Species Council has a litany of links and a reserve of resources for your disposal. They are dedicated to the preventative action necessary to protect Washington from invasive species outbreaks. Think you’ve seen something. Check out their site to report it!

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Native Plants

The Green Cities network has plenty of resources for its forest stewards, which you can also use to learn about native plants!

Need to know the ins and outs of native plants? Look no further than the Washington Native Plant Society. From botanical rambles (their blog) to gardening resources to extensive plant lists, WNPS is the stop for all things plant.

Interested in learning more about Washington’s prairies? Check out this guide to the plants and restoration of this endangered ecosystem!

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Backyard Habitat

This guide will give you the tools you need to prepare your site, pick your plants, and put them in the ground! Plus, it has a great plant list, with awesome sample graphics.

Trees for Seattle has put together a comprehensive list of tips for home restoration. One of our favorites are these sample planting plans based on different moisture and light conditions!

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House planting & gardening tips

Tilth Alliance works in community with Washington farmers, gardeners and eaters, and has plenty of knowledge to share on the subject of gardening. Check out the garden hotline or the garden almanac!

Washington State University Extension office provides a variety of resources for gardeners and farmers. Check out a list of all their programs for questions on everything from potatoes, to horticulture, to plant pests and pathogens! Some particular programs that may be of interest to backyard gardeners:

The Master Gardener Program

NW Fruit Research Foundation

Pacific NW Vegetable Group

WSU Hortsense

Want to start a vegetable garden? Not sure where to get high quality seeds? In Washington we are lucky to have Deep Harvest Farms and Uprising Seeds selling seeds that have been adapted and bred for growth in the Pacific Northwest! West Coast Seeds also has a great resource section to help you get started!

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